Black jewelry designer Ayana Glaze

Choose  to Uplift

Are you looking for an impactful gift? Do you enjoy wearing jewelry that's more than just pretty? Whether you want to inspire and encourage someone, wear jewelry that expresses your faith, or celebrates a life or life event, Ayana G. Designs is beautiful, handcrafted jewelry with purpose. When you choose an Ayana G. design, you choose to uplift. 

How My Desire for a Unique Pair of Earrings Ignited a Passion and Purpose

Making jewelry grew out of a desire for a special pair of earrings that would make the perfect accessory. Not finding what I wanted in stores, I set out to make my own.

I never questioned whether I could make jewelry. I gathered tools and supplies and made my vision a reality and made my first original earring designs.

Jewelry making became my hobby. My hobby became my passion. My passion lead to a business built on a God-given purpose to uplift others.

A Calling to Use Jewelry as a Medium to Share Stories of Faith

As a self-taught jewelry artist, it took some time for my design aesthetic to become clear. Soon I realized that I am not a typical spiritual jewelry designer, designing clouds and sculpting flames, like those in my Cloud & Fire Collection, rather than crosses.

My mission became clear. Take my expertise as a writer, combine it with jewelry design, and share God’s word in a way that would encourage people and give them hope rather than turn them away.

God has inspired me with vision and anointed my hands to craft beautiful jewelry that encourages, offers hope, inspires, and ultimately draws people to salvation.

At the Core of Ayana G. Designs

Faith – God is first and foremost. I believe that God is my source, and I keep Him at the center of it all. I walk in faith because He orders my steps every day.

Family – I love my family. My family is my support and fuels my drive and determination.  They are the reason why I strive to be the best I can be.

Purpose – I believe it is my God-given purpose to uplift others and show them how wonderful God made them.

Hope – I believe there is always hope. No matter how dark things seem and no matter how desperate the situation, hope is a beacon of better things to come.

Love – I believe that love eradicates fear, hate, and all things negative. It does not fail. Love is everything.

Happiness – We were given life to live it to the fullness and have a life rich with joy.